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Latest Posts

The Great Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like being outside to renergise you. Spent a beautiful day at the beach today and haven’t felt this fresh in ages. Going outside beyond the busy roads is good for you, definitely something I need to do more.

Better Than Last Time

Not better than the person next to you, or the person you heard about, better than you were last time. The only real scale to measure against.

Start At The Bottom

The very bottom with the very minimum you can do. Find what it is and do it, clean a counter top, write a sentance, put on your gym clothes. Then finish, that’s all for today, tomorrow you can do a little more. It can be hard to admit that’s all you can do but once […]

You Can’t Meditate Wrong

Meditation is being alone with your thoughts, as long as you’re by yourself not doing anything else you’re meditating. There is no right or wrong way above that. Whether you count your breath, or if you don’t, or how you sit, or where you are. As long as all your doing is sitting quietly and […]

Permission Not To Finish A Book

I was listening to a podcast with entrepreneur Naval Ravikant and he talked about the fact he rarely finishes a book. He reads not to finish a book but to satisfy his curiosity on a topic. So he might flick between books, flick through books and go deep on specifics while leaving other parts. He […]

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