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Latest Posts

Announcing The Generally Spooky Podcast

Hello everyone, again it has been far too long, I’ve been writing ferociously for my coffee blog, and my wife and I have just launched a podcast! It’s a storytelling podcast where Eilidh tells me a spooky/mysterious story from Scottish History. Episode 1 is now live and we’re really proud of it so we’d love […]

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. And now is the time to do something about it. I urge you to make a donation where you can, no matter how small, to help end racism. Because what has happened in America shows us it’s still a very real problem globally, even if you aren’t aware of it happening where […]

Press Ups For Sale £1

“I’ll work out from home with my gym closed!” he said. “Sure I’ll do the same amount of exercise!” He thought. Not so much it seems. I stopped going to the gym a couple of weeks ago in light of Covid-19 and aside from walking the dog, my exercise has stopped. As a result of […]

An Unwavering Barrage Of Concentration

“Like Roosevelt at Harvard, attack the task with every free neuron until it gives way under your unwavering barrage of concentration” – Cal Newport, Deep Work For those looking for an at-home course to do amid these uncertain times, I’ve been going through Ryan Holiday’s Read To Lead course which is a fascinating look at […]

My Working From Home Routine

With a lot of other people moving to work from home I thought I’d share my routine, it varies slightly but this is always what I aim for. I don’t have a boss and have about 1 meeting obligation every 3 months so that will certainly be different for most of you but I thought […]

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And I co-host an amazing podcast known as the Generally Spooky Podcast