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Latest Posts

CEX Wants Your Tech

I’ve been clearing out the house recently and have rediscovered lots of my old DVD’s, games and old phones and the like in boxes and cupboards. Bit by bit I’ve been taking it down to CEX to trade in for cash. It’s less than I might get were I to sell it myself but you […]

Keep The TV Off

For as long as possible, because once it’s on it’s hard to turn off again and you can find yourself sucked in and your weekend disappears. At night to wind down with some television is fine but if your whole weekend goes in front of the TV by the time Monday rolls around you are […]

The Power Of Half Day Friday

Schools in the Highlands are timetabled so that the hours are slightly longer through the week and then on Friday everyone gets to go home at Lunchtime. It’s something I wish happened while I was at school but as my wife is a teacher she gets the benefits and so I take a half day […]

Knowing The Hard Work That Needs Done

Often you know exactly what needs to be done, the thing you should be doing right now instead of checking emails and doing the busy work that can wait. We all do it but call it for what it is, hiding. Hiding from the work you care about because it’s difficult, maybe not physically difficult, […]

Work hard and Work Smart

If you’ve managed to figure out a way to automate or outsource a task that cuts down your time spent on it from 15 hours a week to 5 hours then great work. You’re working smart and using your time efficiently but that doesn’t mean you should spend that extra 10 hours doing nothing. That’s […]

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