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Latest Posts

Sometimes Stress Is OK

I used to believe in a stress-free life, but I think aside from being unrealistic it’s also not a good way to live. Because through voluntarily stressful times you find meaning and purpose, you grow as a person and you become more resilient so that when the involuntary stress comes you’re better equipped to deal […]

Lots of Other People Managed, Why Not You?

A mantra that’s come up again and again for me, when I was taking driving lessons and getting nervous before each one I’d remind myself that there must be a billion people in the world who can drive, so why not me? And the same before I started my business, there are millions of other […]

More On Something Being Free

I should have listened to my own advice sooner, a while back I installed a program called Hola VPN to help me get on to a site that was blocked by GDPR, it was a free Chrome extension and I’ve since uninstalled it until it popped up today in my menu bar. Because when you […]

Slow Days

Some days are slow days, in business, in life, in general, you have days in a row where nothing happens, followed by days of madness and intensity. And riding the highs and the lows becomes a roller coaster, I get it badly from checking sales reports for my business, when I could just check out […]

Write It Down Before It Vanishes

Ideas will come out of nowhere, especially when you’re bored and your mind is free to wander. But if you don’t catch them and write them down they’ll be off again. You always think you’ll remember them later but rarely do you manage to, so have your phone to hand with a note pad app […]

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