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Latest Posts

Checking Emails

Turns out I check my emails a lot, which is weird because I don’t receive that many emails. But I signed out of emails on my phone and removed the email icon from the home page, and I find myself defaulting and opening maps, which has moved into the icon space, accidentally multiple times an […]

Signing out of Chrome

A recent change I’ve made is signing out of Google Chrome on my phone. Now no passwords are saved and I can’t just easily log in to all the sites I normally waste time on. One day in and it’s making me realise how often I was on my phone not really doing anything useful. […]

What Happens When You Reach A Goal?

You get to set a new one. You celebrate your achievement, you revel in your accomplishment, maybe take some time, then move on to the next goal and start reaching for that next step. Otherwise, what else would you do?

Make The Deal To Start

Some days you just don’t want to do it,whatever it is, working, exercising, cooking, some days are just hard. Something I’ve been learning to do is to agree to start and do a small easy part, and then decide if I want to carry on. My agreement for not feeling exercising is that I go […]

7 Days a Week

I stand by the fact that if you do something 7 days a week over 5 it’s a 40% increase. But turns out I can’t do 7 days of work a week. At least right now, this is my second attempt and I’ve made it to 13 days before my brain won’t let me do […]

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