Are you the type of person interested in doing interesting projects and self improvement? Of course you are, that’s how you found this blog. 

I make a living from a series of websites I’ve created but really I’m a professional hobbyist. I love doing good work, and here is where I share a daily thought, often motivational, sometimes entirely random, but always helpful. 

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Latest Posts

30 Uninterrupted Minutes

To think, to write, to work. 30 minutes without checking your phone, looking at Facebook or watching tv, just half an hour to think about what needs done next, where you want to go, and to write it down on a piece of paper. It can be surprisingly hard to find, but absolutely worth the […]

Needs Over Wants

Everyone has basic needs they need to fulfil, you know you need to brush your teeth, drink 2 litres of water and eat breakfast for instance, but a lot of people don’t want to do these things. But the secret of the kind of people who love staying healthy is, at some point, they didn’t […]

It’s Not About Will Power

I’ve been getting up at 7 am on the first alarm ring for months now. Do you know how I’ve managed to do this? Because my alarm is on the other side of the room and it is loud and annoying, so I have to physically get out of bed and walk over to turn […]

If You Practise Every day

You’ll do 40% more than someone who practises every weekday. 40% is a lot, especially when it starts compounding on itself and growing. But ok that assumes you practise the same amount every day, well what if you work on something at the weekends only but you have two long 4 hour sessions of practice, […]

Make A Decision And Stick To It

I’m caffeine sensitive to the point where I’ve been kept awake at night because I had a strong coffee 8 hours previously. The other day when I was very tired it got to about 5 o clock and I was flaking, almost ready for my bed and so my inner turmoil began. Wondering whether I […]

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